The New Kenyan Politics


It is here but only the wise can see it. Raila Odinga has seen it and is already playing it. The only person who may best benefit from it is still playing watermelon politics. Kalonzo! when will he ever learn that politics is about taking chances?

While Kalonzo is playing it safe, seeking a way back to parliament, his partner Raila is busy creating a new profile outside of parliament. I love Kalonzo but I have to say that the nice guy from Ukambani is a poster child for a choir rehearsal and not a steadfast leader for a serious political party.

Labour Day is here and gone without any national festivities that would show a country in Jubilation. After all the symbols, shouts, abuse, laughter and prophesies about the year of jubilation, it seems like the workers of Kenya have nothing to jubilate about, especially after the Jubilee President found his way to a park named after himself but lacking in jubilation. Surely, reality is more than a words gallery. It is a mixture of words, feelings and humanity….DONGE! Some call it Vitendawili….

Kenyans have accepted and moved on but Where have they moved to? Kenyans have moved on to the house on the hill where people talk in whispers on things that matter but put on a show on a daily basis. They have learnt that Uhuru and Ruto do not have the same ideology but are bound together by selfish reasons, so what do the Kenyans do, they pretend to get along and learn the language to deceive each other. Families invite each other for dinner, birthday parties, fundraisers, weddings, parties, graduations, baptisms etc but behind all these festivities lies the tribal suspicion or implied perception. Everyone tries to wiggle away from the tribal tag yet it holds them stronger than a york. They laugh, hug, share pictures and eat together yet they know it is all a facade. Reality is in the phone calls during the week, early weekends or late sundays when tribal sentiments are dished out to friendly ears. When Ruto feels like half of the ministerial appointments he is entitled to have to come from his Kalenjin community and Uhuru on the other hand nominates his half from the Kikuyu community, do we really say that Kenyans have moved on? It may be that those were the best candidates for those positions but it would be very difficult to convince Kenyans that tribe did not play a part in those appointments. So it begs the question, What do Kenyans have to accept and to what do they move on to? It is easy to say accept and move on. Let us now define what we have accepted and to what have we moved on.

Political leadership is about inspiration and that is where Raila has perfected his art. Raila, love him or hate him is always evolving to Kenya’s reality. Sarah Palin said that one does not need political office to lead. I agree with her. The new Kenyan politics is not about political office but about inspirational leadership. Uhuruto are soon discovering that assuming office is one thing and effecting leadership is another. While Raila has graciously allowed them to cement their tenure, they have failed to inspire the Kenyan constituency. Labor Day was a missed opportunity to rally Kenya and especially the youth to a path of hard work and solid investment to the future of Kenya but I am soundly disappointed because the newly inaugurated government cares more about appointing 16 people than it cares about the welfare of the Kenyan worker. After the professionals do their work, we will always need the village joker to breakdown their work to the villagers. Kitendawili?


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